RUN THE RACE: Kendrick Brothers in GA Make Lifemark Movie to Tell Abortion and Adoption Story

Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 4:20 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WTVM) - Popular faith-based filmmakers, based in Albany Georgia, have a new film out on DVD, a movie they shot in the Chattahoochee Valley, that tackles a controversial topic and their first project based on a true story.

“We’re excited about a movie we shot in Columbus Georgia being released all across the nation, actually internationally as well, so many of the locations that people can recognize in this movie,” Lifemark Executive Producer and Co-Writer Stephen Kendrick said.

Alex Kendrick, who produced and stars in Lifemark, said “It’s got some beautiful areas, we loved filming along the river, the center is incredible. The churches embraced us.”

These brothers both were guests on our “Run The Race” podcast, talking about their latest project Lifemark, how they got their start as kids, the last 20 years of making movies, the power of prayer, the changing face of Christian movies, and how sports can help tell powerful Biblical stories.

Out of the 8 faith-based movies by The Kendrick Brothers, including popular ones like War Room and Courageous, they’ve filmed 2 now in Columbus, which they call great experiences: Overcomer, several years ago, and now Lifemark. Their latest film is based on a true story, focused on adoption and reconciliation, but also deals with a controversial issue.

“This young 18-year-old girl gets off the abortion table at the last second before the procedure and tells the doctor I don’t want to do this. I’m going to be placing my baby up for adoption. That baby was adopted by a Christian couple who couldn’t have a baby of their own,” Alex Kendrick said.

The movie hit theaters only months after Roe vs. Wade was overturned, but the process to make Lifemark started a few years prior when actor Kirk Cameron - who stars in the film - brought the idea to Alex Kendrick, through a documentary.

As for tackling abortion, the filmmakers say they want to present a different perspective, with compassion.

“We’re not here to stir up a fight or even get political. We just want to present truth and love with people, in hopes they choose a way that’s pleasing to the Lord,” Alex Kendrick told us.

His brother Stephen added, “It’s amazing that God can give you the same love for an adopted child as biological children. Kirk Cameron adopted 4 of his 6 kids.”

Stephen Kendrick and his wife know well, as they adopted a girl from a communist country, after having 4 biological children. The actress who plays the mom who adopts in Lifemark has 4 kids she’s adopted in real life too.

This all comes 20 years after The Kendrick Brothers started working on their first feature film, Flywheel.

“All 8 of the movies we’ve made have been a string of one answered prayer after another,” Stephen Kendrick said.

You can hear our full conversation with Alex and Stephen Kendrick by going to episode 136 of our podcast or listen to any other in-depth chats we have focused on faith and/or fitness: