Muscogee County leaders approve allocations for American Rescue Plan money

((Source: City of Columbus))
Published: Dec. 14, 2022 at 8:23 PM EST
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EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated to clarify the allocations of the second phase of American Rescue Plan spending by the Columbus Consolidated Government.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus City leaders voted to approve allocations for the second phase of funding made available by the American Rescue Plan Act.

The Columbus Consolidated Government initially received $78 million through the federal act. However, only half of those funds had been allocated as of November 2022.

City council members voted on Tuesday to approve the allocation for the second phase of the funding, which amounts to $39 million. The money will be allocated as follows:

Community Assistance Programs focused in Qualified Census Tracts (QCTs) = $12 million

• Affordable Housing = $3 million

• Homeowner Occupied Rehab Program = $2 million

• Utility Assistance Program = $2 million

• Handicap Access Program = $1 million

• Job Training/Workforce Development/Youth Work Program = $1.5 million

• Mental Health Training/Intervention = $500k

• Mental Health/Substance Abuse Treatment Services = $1 million

• Community Safeguard Program = $500k

• Family Connection = $500k (Funded thru Revenue Recovery Allocation)

Public Safety = $3.1 million

• Gun Buy-back Program = $300k

• Mobile Command Vehicle = $850k

• Police Department IBIS = $350k

• Ambulances = $1.6 million

Judicial Backlog Program = $1 million

Facility Improvements = $4.85 million

• Civic Center HVAC

• Civic Center Outdoor Stage/Enhanced Courtyard

• Trade Center HVAC

• Liberty Theatre HVAC

Land Acquisition Cemetery = $200k

Administration = $478,655.87

Revenue Recovery = $10,115,312.88

• CCGTV Upgrades = $500k

• Cyber Security = $1.5 million

• Family Connection = $500k (Community Assistance Program)

• Public Safety Capital (Pursuit Vehicles, Fire Apparatus) = $7,615,312.88

Camera Program Phase 2 and 3 = $6,758,752.55

Balance of Garbage Trucks Automation = $1,238,297.70

According to City Councilor Toyia Tucker, this is an initiative that she and other councilors worked on not to have to go through stated issued funds.

“There now we have $78.5 million, here in Muscogee County, Columbus, Georgia. It was an allocation because we are a consolidated government,” said Tucker.

Small business owners and non-profit organizers in Muscogee County are also still eligible to apply for grant money associated with the Rescue Act funds. You can find more information on applying for a grant on the Columbus Consolidated Government website.