Store break-in’s in midtown Columbus

Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 11:10 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - This holiday season, people are in the spirit of giving but also taking.

A rash of burglaries has been happening in one neighborhood in midtown Columbus, prompting business owners to offer a reward for an arrest.

Larry Nelson, the owner of Larry’s Beauty Supply Store, showed a surveillance video that captured what he thinks is a man breaking into his business on Henry Avenue.

“I got to the store, and my for was busted open, and glass was everywhere. And so, the police was here, and we gave a police report. And we began to do a cleanup,” said Nelson. A cleanup that cost him thousands in repairs and merchandise.

“Took clippers, clipper blades and money. And had the audacity to come back a second time,” Nelson continued.

However, this time, it was harder to get inside after Nelson used plexiglass as an extra defense.

“He is a desperate person. So, we need to get this person off the streets.”

Nelson’s business wasn’t the only one hit. Traci Gunter showed how someone got into her beauty supply store on the same street, a block away.

Glass can still be seen through her storefront window, and she believes the thief might be injured.

“And because the window was not shattered all the way in, glass fell down. And I imagine they got cut with that too. But however, they still came through,” said Gunter.

They both say something needs to be done, so their businesses do not keep getting hit by Grinches this holiday season.

“We are looking for him. And we’re offering a $250 reward for anyone who can give the Columbus Police Department leads on this person.”

Both business owners are looking to start a coalition to fight crime in the neighborhood.