Flock cameras helping police catch suspects across Chattahoochee Valley

Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 6:05 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Video cameras are often used to help law enforcement solve crimes, but now they don’t have to scroll through hours of footage to find what they’re looking for.

New enhanced technology is helping put criminals behind bars in the Chattahoochee Valley.

Seven out of ten crimes committed involve a vehicle. Police say a license plate and vehicle details are the most helpful lead when working a case. Flock safety cameras capture the rear of vehicles and a clear picture of the license plate. Authorities say these cameras help solve hundreds of violent and property crimes daily.

“A real-time system that sends information immediately upon detection to the law enforcement that are on patrol at that particular time, so it is actually a real-time notification system,” says Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Unlike traditional license plate readers, this camera system goes beyond capturing license plates. These cameras can identify specific characteristics like the body type, make, and vehicle color. However, this camera does not detect speed or recognize faces and is not used for traffic enforcement.

Holly Beilin, a spokesperson for the flock camera system, claims this camera system has decreased crime in areas across the united states.

“So we’ve seen in communities across the country law enforcement reporting up to 70% crime reduction with the use of the flock safety technology we seen in up to 60% reduction in part one crimes in parts of Georgia,” says Holly Beilin.

The system collects and stores information, but Flock officials say the data stays with the law enforcement agencies.

“It led us to identification of suspects and ultimately arrests with the sociative evidence and it is something that has assisted us greatly for use of technology if you will that helps us to do a more efficient job and also to help us locate and apprehend offenders,” says Jones.

If a known stolen vehicle or wanted person drives by one of these flock cameras, local police will instantly get an alert on their cell phone or laptop. Up to 60% of stolen vehicles are associated with additional crimes.