Harris County School District holds safety forum for upcoming school year

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 1:16 PM EDT
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HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - After the tragedy in Uvalde, the Harris County School District is ensuring that all parents of the district know about the safety precautions for the upcoming school year.

Parents got the opportunity to come out and hear about school safety, security and student support services.

“The best thing is prevention and awareness, so this is an attempt to help parents become aware be aware of what your students are doing, who they’re talking to, how they’re behaving and also letting parents know you know what types of support that we have here at the school.”

Parents in the Harris County area were pleased to hear from the school district about the upcoming school year and how they will protect their children.

Two officers are being added so that each school has one officer, and students will learn all safety drills within the first month of school.

“It makes me feel safe, a good feeling about it being able to hear what their plans are and just knowing what to expect.”

Not only was safety a top priority for Harris County School District at the forum, but the district also talked with parents about the social and emotional support system that they have in place for the upcoming school year.

“In order for a student to be successful in school, they have to have all those basic necessities that are required for them so they can function that they can focus and they can actually fool be at full capacity, so I think it’s important for parents to understand we have these processes in place because we also understand the need for students to have those supports outside of the home while they’re at school.”

School starts on August 5 for kids in Harris County.

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